Dave’s been leading worship for over 20 years. Somewhere in the middle of all the worship leading, he served as an associate student minister, a university minister, a worship pastor, and has helped plant two churches. He’s led worship at all sorts of gatherings from Passion Conferences to weekly college worship gatherings. Not to mention more camps than he can count.

Dave’s been nominated for a Dove award, had a cut on Casting Crowns Lifesong, produced an album or two, and wrote or co-wrote nearly every song on nearly every album he’s done. But the reason you’ll appreciate Dave as a worship leader has far less to do with his experience or talent and much more to do with who he is. 

Dave gets out of the way - Whether he leads a crowd of 12,000 or a congregation of 50, you hardly notice Dave because he leads you straight to God and Dave is trustworthy to do just that.

Not too long ago someone asked me, “What’s Dave Hunt like?” As one who knows him well, I should have described him as a person of humility and deep faith, one who’s prayerful and walks with God, who loves his family and is a servant. But at that moment I simply said: “You know, he’s just good - in a blameless kind of way. And he’s one of the people I most trust to point me to God.”

Dave serves as the Assistant Pastor at Trinity Church in Nashville, TN and continues to go wherever in the world God takes him to partner with other ministers in the Gospel.